Welcome to the wonderful world of Rooster and Co.

     Here we source a wide variety of unique and wonderful fabrics and textiles to bring you a sensational range of totally unique scatter cushions.  Each design is only made as a maximum of two cushions, giving you something distinctly individual for the home.  Cushions are sold as Covers only.  High quality feather/fibre inserts are available separately if you desire.  

We want you to be totally confident in your purchase.  We are happy to provide free cuttings of fabrics where possible.  Simply send us your request and we will get them out asap.  

     Don’t see what you need?  We can bespoke create cushions for your environment.  Simply send us an image of your space and we will create beautiful cushions for you.

Full details on fabric selections are available on our website.  Whilst every effort has been made to correctly identify and describe all fabrics, we take no responsibility for all details being completely correct.

     Rooster and Co. cushions are proudly designed and made in Bendigo, Australia.


   Rohan Donnelly


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